University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Marsico Hall

Chapel Hill, NC

This $245-million, nine-story, 340,000-square-foot facility houses laboratory space for nanomedicine, biomedical imaging, School of Pharmacy laboratories, a vivarium, general-purpose laboratories as well as administrative and support spaces. Special structural considerations of this Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver goal project include vibration and radiation shielding requirements, below-grade waterproofing for two underground floors, a cyclotron vault with walls and ceiling concrete thicknesses that vary from 5 to 7 feet and designing with non-magnetic steel reinforcing in areas intended for equipment with high-power magnets. Another unique challenge was creating spaces for such state-of-the-art equipment that its manufacturer had not completed its design.

ACEC NC Engineering Excellence Grand Conceptor Award – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Marsico Hall (2015)